Thursday, June 19, 2014


This small white marble headstone on the North Ridge features an eroded, but charming carving of a little girl with angel wings and ribbon sash. She holds what may have been a floral wreath in one hand as she points to Heaven. 

Located in the Zweeres family plot, this stone has one of the most unusual names I've seen in the cemetery - Sieprieana.  And, on the burial index card, it's spelled Siepiunanna. Often, names that seem unusual at first glance aren't really that strange or different, but simply old-fashion spellings or names that are no longer in fashion.  This one, however, is quite unique.

She was the daughter of Dutch immigrants, John and Dina Zweeres,  and died from croup on March 13, 1889.  She was just weeks shy of her third birthday.  Her father was a bookkeeper and, at the time of Siepriama's death, the family lived at 338 South Pearl Street.

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