Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Mayor

For most people raised in the Albany area, this name needs to explanation.  This granite headstone - one of a matching set in the large family plot - marks the grave of Erastus Corning 2nd, the man who served as Mayor of Albany for over four decades. 

For anyone too young to remember Mayor Corning or not originally from this area:  Wikipedia

Mayor Corning passed away on this date in 1983.  As memorable as his death was, the one incident that stands out in my memory was a hoax some weeks before.  I was ten and sitting at the kitchen table, playing with Colorforms.  The radio on the shelf above the sink was and, just as I carefully placed a roast turkey on a red sofa, the host interrupted the regular talk show to announce they had just received word that Mayor Corning had died at the hospital in Boston.  The news was stunning, but not unexpected and the host was quiet emotional.  But a few minutes later, the host announced the Mayor was still alive and I remember how angry he was that anyone would call in such a prank.

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