Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ozias Hall

Family lot of Ozias Hall on the north branch of the road leading up to the Middle Ridge, just north of the Burden crypt.

I have to admit this is a rather ecclectic monument. It's a variation on the white marble obelisk style that was very popular in the 19th-century, but with the addition of these brown umbrella shapes. From a distance, they appear to be cast iron, but when viewed up close, you can see they are sandstone. There are also tiny metal loops on the points of the "umbrellas" as if something was meant to be hung from them. There is also a tiny nice in the base of the which contains a marble sculpture of a sleeping lamb (though it's so worn that it resembles a dog or even a piglet from some angles), but often the tall grass hides this detail.

Even early guidebooks describe this monument as "odd-looking."

According to a city directory from 1858, Ozias Hall was an ice dealer with an establishment located on Broadway.

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