Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Faithful Family Friend

One of a pair of beautiful dogs keeps watch over the crypt of the Burden family.

The vault was built for Henry Burden, a prominent Troy industrialist whose ironworks were powered by one of the largest waterwheels ever built. The open marble book seen in the background of this photo bears long epitaphs honoring Henry and his wife, Helen. It's said that Helen Burden designed this elegant vault herself and that the female face above its door is her likeness.

The Burden crypt is set into a slope of the Cemetery's Middle Ridge and overlooks the Chapel. It's also said that the Burdens chose this location for their tomb because of its view across the Hudson River where the Burden Ironworks could be seen on clear days.

The dogs, a pair of retrievers, were no doubt based on family pets. While they may seem identical when viewed from the ground, each one is slightly different when seen up close.

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  1. Your blog is delightful! I enjoy your entries about the local area. Keep it up!