Friday, March 9, 2012

The Winslow Mortuary Chapel

Situated at the foot of the North Ridge, this massive stone structure is the largest private vault at the Albany Rural Cemetery. A glimpse through its ornate bronze doors reveals the marble-covered burial niches of dozens of members of the Winslow family, including John Flack Winslow...a name tied to today's 150th anniversary of the Battle of the Ironclads at Hampton Roads, Virgina.

Winslow, who managed Erastus Corning's Albany Ironworks, was a key figure in the building of the Union's ironclad ship, Monitor. Frustrated by the Navy's delays in approving and financing the building of the ironclad, Winslow arranged to pay for the construction himself at a cost of $275,000. Because he had not been fully repaid by the time of the Monitor's historic encounter with the Confederate ironclad Merrimack, he was technically its owner.

For more on John F. Winslow, click here. Also, today's Times Union has an article highlighting the other local connections to the Union's ironclad.

Also, apologies for the lag in posts here and at my companion blogs. I'm slowly recovering from a dislocated knee which means I can't get out and sitting at my computer is a bit of an awkward challenge. I will, when possible, post photos taken before my injury and - hopefully - when those run out, I'll be back on my feet and running around with my camera again.

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