Saturday, March 31, 2012

Moss and Lloyd

This oval bit of sandstone marks a lot at the end of the Middle Ridge, not too far from the site where the Cemetery's old western gate and its lodge once stood.

Thick patches of moss are covering the stone, but the name LLOYD can still be read. I believe this was part of a large monument that has since been deconstructed, but I have not found any description of the original. It may have come from a small vault, though the lot is not large.

According to Henry P. Phelps' The Albany Rural Cemetery - Its Beauties, Its Memories, this was the lot of Lyman J. Lloyd where "sleeps one of the old business men of Albany."

Lyman J. Lloyd was a manufacture of saddles, harnesses and trunks with a building at 340 and 342 Broadway. He resided at 49 Herkimer Street and, as a businessman, was described in an 1886 history of Albany County as "widely and favorably known." A Central Railroad locomotive was named in his honor in 1866.

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