Saturday, March 31, 2012

Now and Then

This tiny tree-style monument marks the Brumaghim lot on the South Ridge overlooking the ornamental pond called Cypress Water. A little dove is perched atop the marble stump and, if one examines the monument closely, you can see a bit of carved ivy and lettering on the scroll near the base. The coping is partially detached, but intact.

Several days after taking this photo, I recognized the exact same monument in Edward Fitzgerald's 1871 Handbook For The Albany Rural Cemetery.

(The monument to the left still exists, though I didn't take a photo at the time. I was probably distracted by a nearby Civil War gravestone.)

The area in the background is almost unrecognizable now as scores of monuments have filled it in. The sections facing the pond in this engraving now contain some of the Cemetery's most beautiful monuments.

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