Friday, August 2, 2013

Orange Peck

Unusual names aren't uncommon in cemeteries.  This one - Orange Peck - caught my eye in the Soldiers Lot.  Unfortunately, there is little information on him beyond the fact that he died on December 28, 1864. 


  1. A good name. I like Lemon Lyon too

    Orange Peck's name is listed in the following article, an impressively thorough bit of local newspaper reporting:

    "To-Day's Floral Tribute; Decorating the Graves of Albany's Heroes; An Immense Concourse and Impressive Ceremony; Detailed Report of Exercises; Address by Post-Commander Kimberly-The Hymns and Dirges Performed-Oration by Rufus W. Clark, D.D., &c.; List of Those Buried in the Soldier's Lot, and also the Roll of Honor for Albany County." Albany Evening Journal. May 30, 1876.

  2. He's on several family trees on Ancestry, at least one of which identifies his parents as:

    Stephen Peck (1811-1886)
    Julia Peck (1823-1900)

    US Census Records seem to back that up; there's also other men named Orange Peck - must have been a family name of some kind. I don't know why he was buried in Albany rather than in Gouverneur.

  3. Hope to see some more posts from you!

    I found a Mrs. Orange F. Elliott (1817-1846) at Old Mount Ida Cemetery in Troy. Where Mr. Orange F. Elliott is, I'm not sure. htp://