Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Gould Monument

 This exceptional monument is not easily spotted from the road winding up the North Ridge.  It's hidden in one of the Rural Cemetery's oldest sections on a sort of small promontory which overlooks the Winslow vault.

The monument is white marble, though much of it has turned dark gray.  The tablets on the large base are flanked by simple amphorae.  An ornate sarcophagus stands a top with an angel beside it.  One of the angel's wings is missing and its features are quite worn, giving the figure a rather ghostly look.  A scroll drapes over the corner of the sarcophagus and the angel's hand rests on it.  If anything was carved on that scroll, it's now illegible.

This monument marks the resting place of Anthony Gould and his wife, Martha Jennette.  Anthony Gould was a publisher of law books who took over the business co-founded by his brother William.  The firm operated in both New York City and Albany with the latter establishment located at 475 Broadway and then at 68 State Street.  Anthony Gould died in 1858 at the age of 55. 

According to old Cemetery maps, this section at the eastern edge of the North Ridge was known first as Kennisau Hill and, when most of the Cemetery's roads and sections were renamed, it was called Landscape Hill.

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