Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Hidden Gem

This lovely old statue of a classically-gowned maiden holding a wreath is quite easy to miss. It's located high on the eastern end of the North Ridge, just behind the Soldiers Lot and not easily visible from the main road. It once overlooked scenic paths that ran along the shoulder of the North Ridge and it has a fine view of the Kromme Kill ravine with the Middle Ridge visible on the other side. The paths are unused now, but looking across, you can glimpse monuments like the Burden crypt.

Enclosed in a small fenced lot, this pretty monument marks the grave of 21-year old Charles E. Alvord who passed away on November 17, 1851. Also buried here is his sister, Emma, who was less than two years old when she passed away on July 23, 1836. Near the monument, there is a small headstone lying on the grass which reads "Charles and his sister Emma." Like the base of the larger monument, this little one is also trimmed with carved ivy. A broken piece of the lot's ornate gate is propped against the statue's pedestal which is carved with the following:

The Trumpet Shall Sound And The Dead Shall Arise
I Am The Resurrection And The Life

Though it an older burial in a secluded section, someone must visit from time to time. The rusted gate is carefully secured with a twist of wire and there were silk lilies tucked into the piece of gate resting at the statue's feet.

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