Thursday, November 7, 2013

John W. Wood

The Rural Cemetery had only been open for about two years when sixteen-year old John Wood was laid to rest on this South Ridge hill.  At the time, this area was known as Mount Olivet, though now it is merely identified as Section 5.  The white marble monument features a broken column - a popular and sentimental symbol of a young life cut short - draped with a floral garland.  There is also a lovely carved rose just above the inscription on the pedestal. 

Based on the burial records, it appears that his father, Samuel, died in 1833 at the age of thirty-three and was interred in Havana, Cuba.  The lot was purchased by John's mother, Sarah, who passed away in Albany on March 28, 1886.  She was seventy-nine and, three days later, was laid to rest in the same lot she had purchased for her son forty years earlier.

The brownstone monument of the Strong family can be seen in the background.

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