Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Titanic Survivor

The Rural Cemetery is the final resting place of a survivor of Titanic, an Albany man named Gilbert M. Tucker, Jr..  He was the grandson of Luther Tucker, the well-known publisher of The Country Gentleman, a periodical for farmers, and the son and namesake of author Gilbert M. Tucker, Sr..

Last year (for the centennial of Titanic's sinking), the Times Union ran an excellent article on Tucker, who boarded Lifeboat 7 - which was launched only half filled - after the ship struck an iceberg and had to live with the stigma of surviving a disaster that claimed so many men, women, and children.  The article includes photos of the Glenmont home where Tucker lived.

Tucker's headstone is one of a number of simple granite markers which surround his grandfather's handsome obelisk which overlooks Moordanaers Kill from the South Ridge.  A large, simple stone cross also marks the family lot.

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