Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Robert H. King

This monument with its badly tilted headstone and intact footstone marks the grave of Landsman Robert H. King, one of six Medal of Honor recipients buried at the Albany Rural Cemetery.

While serving in the Navy during the Civil War, he volunteered to serve about Picket Boat No. 1 which successful sunk the Confederate ironclad Albemarle on October 27, 1864. Captured along with all but one crew member, King was held at Salisbury Prison until the following March.  Unfortunately, conditions in the prison had so damaged King's health that he died in Albany just days after his release.  He was twenty years old. 

The headstone features typical emblems of a Civil War grave; a shield, sword and scabbard, a cannon, and a soldier's cap.  The footstone includes an eagle and an anchor.  A bronze plaque set in the ground notes that he received the Medal of Honor.

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